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Monday, February 28, 2011


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da bear

How about a comparison of the november 1929 to Spring 1930 rally compared to the rally in stocks since march 2009.

I think a comparison could be made go that era if you call the 2000 top the orthodox top and 2007 the B wave top. Then the wave 1 of C down came in The Fall of 2008 with 2 of C topping out.

According to Elliott Wave Principle, Mr. Elliott named 1928 as the orthodox top. Then the 1929 top was the B wave top, with 1 of C down being the infamous October '29 Crash. The Wave 2 of C corrective rally peaked the next year. Then the nasty 3 of C down into the summer of 1932.

If anyone has a copy of Elliott Wave Principle check out Figure 8-3 on page 203. This chart projects the continuation of the stock bull market from the year 1978. It shows that as the wave 2 low. A steep rise for a projected wave 3 was then predicted. The wave 4 correction could correlate to 1987 with another rise up. This should be the wave 5 orthodox high instead of the chart's interpretation. I think that the later higher high should be the B wave high. Then it shows an incredible crash to follow.

da bear

No wave count left behind.

Wave Rust

da bear

u shoulda left that one behind ,,,, like way back :)

wave rust

IMO: greatest bull ever seen straight ahead = no bears allowed

'87 was 4 of P5 if I
2000-2009 = II
2009 --> III ; still in (1) of P1 of III (might be (3) but I doubt it)


Monday ramp.....check! First trading day of month trading in the green, almost a sure thing!!!


What most analogs from the past share when overlaid with our current market is a topping process right about now.

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