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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


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Well, its nice to be worried about - isn't it?

For my part - I wasn't too concerned with the current radiation levels - much more concerned that Michio Kaku could be right and this could get a whole lot worse with little or no warning. He thinks it should be entombed now.

Glad you are back.



Innovation #3 - NEoWave SELF-DEFITION


sometimes a fat pitch is just a fat pitch. higher prices lie ahead - probably after a slight pullback which emboldens the bears looking for a failure around the declining tops trendline. This belief of mine is based entirely on technical market conditions - how that squares with every one of your valid fundamental points I have no idea.

Glen Loser Neely


You said you were quitting this useless blog. YPu haven't
Are you a man or a clown?

Glenn Loser Neely

Metatrader Indicator

Awesome blog! Thanks a lot for sharing this information


Duncan. please stay with us. Your work is treasured by a lot of ppl.. Trust me.


Yelnick, welcome back. I'm glad you're getting out more but there's no harm in digging into K-waves and long term counts now & then either.

Joe, what do you make of this recent opening of a 3rd front in the Islamic Wars? Is this the major war after the financial collapse?


I suppose its possible Virgil - but really, it should start east of there. It was nearly a unanimous thesis in the military school that the next likely major conflict would be "continued" in the China/Burma theater. Could be as far east as the Koreas or as far west as India - but in that area.

TO me it was then and is now either internal conflicts in China - starting with a revolt from the inland provinces or Korea. Its a coin flip.


Account Deleted

SPX Analysis after closing:


There is a pattern of 7 month turns that goes back quite a ways from March. A multi month low may already be in place.

Glen Winner Neely

Neely seems to be doing well again in S&P and Gold..

GLN ... you should get back to Neely subscription instead of whining about Duncam (!)'s inability to stay quit



Your readers might be interested in how to treat their radioactively contaminated drinking water:
A Japanese translation seems underway, see comment by Takuya there. Maybe someone wants to help with other languages?




You may have something upstart.

Jay D

Good insight. I try to touch on the same points in my blog. And I always find my members forwarding me some of your thoughts. I'm thinking this market may run higher into May!

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