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Tuesday, March 08, 2011


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Tors, not yet. I posted on this (or commented) a week or two ago. So far the drop off 1344  is stalled in a plateau that bottoms at 1294 and tops at 1333. It might be a classic triangle: the first drop to 1394 is leg A, the rise to 1333 is a three-wave leg B, and we just had a three wave drop back to 1294 with a small wave b in the middle.  Being only in leg C, we would now expect a runback up and a final leg e down. 

To bifurcate we would have to break below 1294 as far as the 1275 range,, and stay below for a few days (not be a false break). Then the next stop is around 1225 and away we go, down. 

Fractal Finance counts the wave up as starting in September not at the July low, since the post QE run was the first to bifurcate up out of the prior trading range set after the Flash Crash. So FF does not have a five-wave count ending; only a three-waver that looks a lot like a classic zigzag. We might be in a large irregular flat off the April/May 2010 high. Or – this is wave 4 and after it ends we go to new highs in a wave 5 that goes into 2012. 


Yelnik -

I think it would be really great if you did just one discussion post a week (if that is the time you have in a particular week) and just leave the site up.



Mamma Boom Boom

My guess is that lot's of people think there will be a rebound, tomorrow. I'm very skeptical.


That's hilarious! I wonderered not too long ago what happened to Ned Bushong. Lol.


Neomamma that's kinky. Calls for some Kinks.

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Cherry cola version:


My thanks to every one here - I have enjoyed reading everyones thoughts on the market and such subjects Yelnik posted about. DG - you actually got me to read Neely - that was amazing.

I thank everyone here - It has felt to me almost like a little family.


Jacques DeMolay aka the orginal Vatican Assassin Warlock

Sorry to see you go. Thanks for creating a high-brow E-Wave blog and for all the effort you put into those heavily deatailed posts on the stock market and the general economy. And thanks for allowing a very creative community to flourish in your comments section including all of the anti-Prechter comments by Wags,JT,Michael and the rest of his multi-idumverate.

But your timing is a little off as Miami Thrice day part deux is fast approaching. Not to mention the anniversary of my death next week as we continue to play out the 1307 ritual. (August bottom on 8-25 which also happened to be the top in 1987 was SP 1037.65 followed by the Nov. bottom at 1173 up to the Feb 18 top at 1344 or 307pts later as well as the aformentioned 1307+37=1344 SPtop). The stock indices should do an easy TD bear flip on the weekly this week as almost all of them have broken beneath their 50day averages for the first time since the August lows. Only 10+ movies since last fall have been broadcasting that a crash is just around the corner as well as all the crash numbers that have been floating around in sporting events and popular culture including most recently the Academy Awards during the intro segment in particular the Back to Future sequence. But it is mind-boggling how the Miami Thrice date part-deux has so many hits from so many angles. And now we have the fallout from the Thrice's heavily publicized losing streak and Charlie Sheen's professional travails (Charlie first shot to fame as Bud Fox in Wall Street---released in 1987)

No way this market holds up into June. That's the hook the big-boys are counting on to keep the bears at bay and the bulls satiated. June is actually a Martin Armstrong major Pi cycle low as well as the first appearance of two consecutive solar eclipses around a major lunar eclipse since around the major 2000 top in July 2000.

P.S. Oh and the Academy denied David Fincher an Oscar for Best Director. How troubling that they gave it instead to a novice. I missed the DGA handing out its award to Tom Hooper earlier. Quite a backlash against my minions in the avante-garde critical community that were bestowing Best Picture titles with abandon to The Social Network. But alas they did most deservedly reward Oscars to Aaron Sorkin and Trent Reznor. What a magnificent wordsmith Sorkin was to hide to all of those codes in the dialogue and the scenario.


By the way Yelnik -

I fully remember what a horrifying experience it was to go thru editors when you publish.

You are a very good writter - probably better than I was -could deal with editors better than I did - and I think you could "out write me" - as it were.

You are a "closet writter" buddy.



Mamma, Glad you have a place for us to gather. I look forward to your continued updates.


I will just say this - I really have no interest in what "Momma" says other than in passing.

I deeply respect Yelnik's thoughts - DG's and others - thoughtful logical thoughts - even if - ESPECIALLY WHEN I disagreed with them. If many go to this new site, then I wish you well.

I will certainly not be one.



Joe, you said "You are a "closet writter" buddy."  Joe, you outed me!!

Wave Rust

Amazing and tragedy in Japan.

Tsunami live.

I'm numbed by the sight.

Tsunami to hit Hawaii soon and California by 9am

Careful Duncan.

Wave Rust

Mamma Boom Boom

It's actually going better than I thought. I was afraid some people would be pissed.

Anyway, the new forum will have a feature that you may like. You will be able to start a new thread based on a subject that you want to discuss. Instead of joining in someone else's topic.


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