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Tuesday, March 08, 2011


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Mamma Boom Boom

rc .... will do.

Mamma Boom Boom

Market way out of touch with reality. The catch-up should be painful.

michael eckert

Good luck with your new-site, I will keep following your insights on your new blog as well, hopefully you will have time to do an occasionally post here. Best wishes with your new ventures!!


Boo hoo, can't believe this is going away!

Yelnick, can't you just post once a week? Your merry band kicks the thread down the road anyway. That way we still get some great thinking and you get some relief.


Also, yes, Mama! Stick around your posts are marvelous, and restrained!


Lilimarlene1, maybe I will do a weekly post of 'EWI says this!' and everyone can have at it. At least until Mamma finds her new home. 


Michael Eckert, thanks! I have EWTrends on my daily list and will continue to check it out. Highly recommended to all readers.


Sherman, but I am leaving bullish!! 


rc, thanks! Let's see if Mamma comes up with a new forum for y'all


William, thanks! Please keep your newsletter going!


Hank, you are my only hope for fractal finance. Keep pushing it!


Joe De, it is the community I already miss most!


DarkKnight, I read McHugh's stuff but have found it too breathless. Too many bolded statements of immediate disaster. Too many Hindenburg Omens, etc. Underneath that he is a pretty good analyst – he does his homework. I wish he would tone it down a bit, since I think his style is overwhelming his analysis. 


KRG, thanks. As Hank is doing with fractals, your site is a great spot for behavioral (or is that behavourial?) thinking, and highly recommended for those who wish to explore the future direction of macroeconomics (more Minsky, less Krugman) as applied to markets.


Chab, thanks for your kind thoughts & cheers! 

Mamma Boom Boom

Yelnick, so you're pulling the plug on this page?

I could come up with something. It would take some prep, though. Do all you folks want another place to gather?

Yelnick, could I get access to Prechter and Neely. I think many people come here to learn where the 'Big Guns' stand.

Maybe we need a show of hands.



Mamma, I can leave this page up for a while, and maybe add new ones occasionally to keep the comments from getting out of control. EWI scans this site and the comments occasionally. I will consider doing a periodic 'where they stand' post. 


Thanks for the update...........


vipul garg

all endings are just beginings
we just dont know it at that time...

always appreciated your blog here.


Say it ain’t so Yelnick McWawa! Your “New Wacky Claim” (some will figure it out) has me hanging my head low. As a shadow reader south of Palo, I feel a loss that can’t be replaced by any other blog I’ve viewed. Your broad thoroughly researched and linked interesting topics have stimulated my own thoughts in a positive enjoyable way each time I stop by. This blog will be sorely missed. Like many others, I hope you stop by for a drink where “everyone knows your name” in the future.

Having had the wrath of mainstream media and those that control it come into my home/private life through digital media channels in the past after experimenting with Interactive TV, I must say one has to be skeptical about the privacy and security issues of having a microphone, camera, GPS and personal information on devices that are involved in just about every aspect of your life floating around in a cloud of 1’s and 0’s a bit disconcerting. Sometimes the shadows are the best place to be. Zero web presence could be the force behind the wave that has arrived.

Please include your thoughts on privacy and security in a digital world in your new venture as an ongoing topic. Who has access to or the knowledge to access information and devices you use? Who will/is regulating that access? Does the FCC even have a clue or are they like the financial/insurance regulators of the current debacle? Do “big brothers”, be they major search companies, software companies, cable & internet providers, the government, advertisers or worse, have the right/ability turn on/access your data, microphone or camera without your knowledge? Is the fine print that is never read or understood of any value to the naive user? Is the cloud just a white puffy smoke screen for something hidden within? What kind of profiles are being created and to what end will they be used?

All paranoia aside, security and privacy are a real concern in a digital media world. Could the powerful force behind the technology wave be a zero internet presence and anti-technology in nature? Only time will tell; as economic, employment and financial stability play important roles going forward.

That brings me to the markets, the purpose of this blog. Look at the charts with an eye to price action in the years following previous market bubbles. So far the current action rhymes nicely since the 3/2000 bubble top, but a large divergence has been afoot since September 2010. This has been attributed to the announcement of QE2 and market manipulations by the powers that be to inflate the markets in hopes of stimulating the economy and holding back interest rates (which it has done even though rates have risen, but at what cost?). Although this divergence appears to be a positive breakaway, it is within the typical secular bear as outlined by the telling post here entitled: This Market is a Typical Secular Bear. That tells me we are still within expected price action of the past and the divergence is “somewhat normal” in nature.

I must say after thirty years of market observation, price action has been acting differently over the past years as more and more market activity has been computerized, and even more so since September 2010. If I were a betting man (and I am), I’d be in hot sweet Mamma’s camp and yours Yelnick if I am interpreting you correctly. Hold on to those sun glasses in this “future’s so bright you have to wear shades” environment that The ‘Bama and The Bernank' have been painting. As they say here at The Wedge, “The wave won’t kill you, but the fall might!”

Please stay in touch here (or any facsimile thereof) from time to time Yelnick McWawa. Your daily “New Wacky Claim” ain’t so wacky after all.

Bond #12 to you (as in James). Cheers, ShadowBanker

Mamma Boom Boom

Yelnick, what am I to infer? To start making arrangements, or are you staying open for business?


Mamma, Wave, Vipul, DG, Michael, and others - I have enjoyed your posts and hope we can keep this going somewhere.


Mamma, make arrangements. I can help during the transition

Mamma Boom Boom

Yelnick, ...can you do this. Let's take a poll and see if folks want to move, .. or they'd just as well drop it. Ok?


Vipul, thanks, and keep your views flowing into whatever locale Mamma figures out for everyone

Hank Wernicki


An eBook is being assembled, when it's done

I'll send it to you

Take care buddy



Once a trader, always a trader. Fibs on the brain. You will be back. Keep the site active somehow.

That said its been a great sojourn....thanks for your efforts.


yelnick leaves ..a market top


Keep the site; check back in once a week or so with an observation, Mama and others kick it down 'til the following Sunday.

Wave Rust

May 15, 2011

Yelnick Retuns for a one liner UPDATE!

""Prechter, Hochberg, McHugh, and Neely Turn into Long Term Bulls !!""

Then the world ends.

Been There

Duncan, many thanks for the great effort you have put into your labor of love for these past years. Wishing you all the best in your new endeavors.


I've been a long time reader--basically daily. I was doing some blogging, etc about a year ago, but like you started using my energies for other things. I've always appreaciated your work and insights. Thanks and best to you.



Y: Thanks for the thumbs-up.

On Minsky vs Krugman comment, I am dumb-founded at your sharp perception. Yes, I do instinctively feel that this is the direction but I didnot know that I was talking about it in some form and fashion!!

HAGO... Cheers


KRG, your blog shows behavioural interpretation, so I filled in the blanks. Take a read of Steve Keen's Debtwatch and scan down a couple of posts to where he talks about how the whole neoclassical economics orthodoxy missed the recent financial crisis, since they prevent behaviouralists like Minsky from publishing in their leading journal. This is to economics what ClimateGate was to climate science – a small cabal had skewed the peer review process to prevent dissenting studies from being published, blinding the climate cabal to the weaknesses in their case and catching them into the biggest scandal of science since the Piltdown Man. 


Jason, I remember your blog and had wondered where you went! Glad you hung around here. 


Been There, much appreciated. 


Wave, I will save this comment in a tickler file!

Farewell McWawa

Has Prechter turned bullish here too?

Permabears suddenly throwing in the towel must mean something important before what looks like the end of a 5 year Gann bear market campaign. i.e. 2007-2012=5 years.

I've Been Prechterized

"Mamma, I can leave this page up for a while, and maybe add new ones occasionally to keep the comments from getting out of control. EWI scans this site and the comments occasionally. I will consider doing a periodic 'where they stand' post."

Why would EWI scan this blog?
Do you have a relationship with EWI or something?
Has EWI been a part of your business model?
Why continue to promote their counts?


Prechterized, EWI scans for people pretending to be Bob Prechter and posting in his name. Otherwise in my experience that let the bashing fly. 

I've Been Prechterized

That's funny Yelnick.
And I must say that it's rather hard to believe.

Given Prechter's track record, why would anyone want to pretend being Bob Prechter???


Buy Rap

Hello, this is our simple 2 step secret how to make money in the stock market:

1. Listen to the radio. 2. Buy and sell according to which tunes you hear.

If you hear happy upbeat surf techno punk country doo wop tunes BUY BUY BUY Whenever you hear bubble gum pop/rock SELL SELL SELL.

In 2009 our system went on full BUY BUY BUY when Devo announced release a new album and members of the Clash reunited for first time in 20 years. In 2011 our system is now on a Justin Beiber bubble gum SELL SELL SELL.

One of our best BUY BUY BUY trades was back in November 2003. Hearing A Flock or Seagulls was reuniting we immediately went long 4000 of the Jan04 SP500 futures netting us a one week profit of nearly 1.4 million!



Prechterized, it turns out there was a Bob Prechter fakester for a while and they caught it and asked me to moderate. Instead of taking the posts down I modified the name. Seemed to satisfy both sides. 

Sal Tradio

Hey 'Buy Rap' what are the stock market implications of this latest news:

After 45 years Peter Tork, Mickey Dolenz and Davy Jones have stunned the music world announcing in February the Monkees will reunite for a 2011 tour.

Mamma Boom Boom


I am preparing a place for us to gather. It should be ready next week.

Also, my birth certificate does not say Mamma Boom Boom. Just like yelnicks does not say yelnick. But, you already knew that. My real name is Ned Bushong. I'm a 64 year old male and have been trading for 32 years. I know some of you are disappointed by that. But, if it was Mamma Boom Boom, what would my mom and dad be called? (ha..ha)

Yelnick will be doing special spots on topics of interest to him. Just like now, only less frequently. And we will be keeping you abreast of what the big guns are up to.

My new name will be 'Skip Danger'.

You will be all invited to contribute.


da bear

Wonder when the Apple TeleScreen is gonna come out...


da bear

Buy Rap

Hi Sal, great question. We have been alerting hedge funds to this very important Monkees reunion news and are preparing a special report.

The Monkees are clearly a hybrid between "bubble gum and happy rock" which is forecasting some sort of bouncy trading range ahead after this latest Justin Beiber top is in.

Happy rock rally followed by bubble gum top sometime June.


=================BREAKING NEWS ALERT=======================


=================BREAKING NEWS ALERT=======================


IS THIS THE ZORAN BI-FURCATION??????????????????????????????????????


Skip Danger..look forward to the Neo-Mama blog.

However, I am disappointed to know that you ain't the avatar.



All the best!

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