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Thursday, March 24, 2011


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If you need a loan to keep gambling in the stock market, you can let me know. I can give you some momey.

With all the money I have made from my stupid subscribers I can help you with your gambling problems.

By the way, your free ticket to my subscription will be terminated once you close this blog.


Gleen Loser Neely


Where is DG?
is he also broke?

Seems to me that this blog has been the Starbucks of the losers, gamblers, idiotticians... I mean elliotticians... ja ja ja...
I warned you years ago... about this blog...


It is akward and not fun to navigate.


At least it does not appear to have absolute morons posting there as yet.


"...ediotticians... I mean elliotticians... ja ja ja...
I warned you years ago... about this blog..."- loser

if not ediott, wot or who do you follow to become a loser? and for years !!... jaa.. jaa.. (the hindi one not the german or korean)


Y: The SD forum is not very user friendly..


Mamma Boom Boom

KRG, how do you know? I see no evidence that you've signed up.

Roger D.


I have been away for a while since this marke has continued higher on balance. I want to thank you for everything and a fine vechile to post about technical analysis and market related news.

I wish you luck on your new adventure and I will check it out.

Some final charts.



Roger D.

Roger D.

Here are the charts



Roger D.

what ever happened to P3?

Yelnick, you gonna continue to reference the fine work of Hochberg and those market gurus over at EWI? I notice they were wrong once again but I don't see you calling them on it. why do you give them a pass on being so wrong?


We got together with friends and watched "Inside Job" tonight. I was surprised by 2 things that I really hadn't thought about.

The election of Toby presidents by wall street started with Ronnie Rayguns. Ronnie couldn't find his arse with both hands and did what wall street told him to do.

Second, wall street took over the Economics Departments at all the big universities, in particular chit sucking Harvard to promote their deregulation agenda. It worked like a charm.

Hank Paulson was paid half a billion dollars(tax free) creating the problem and then is hand picked by the simpleton bush to patch things up with tax payer dollars. Paulson must just chit himself with laughter. Bottom line, that is power, the likes of which the country has never seen.

So do you vote for Obama who has done nothing to address the problem? Or do you vote for the republicans with the hopes of having another toby in charge.

I think wall street have both parties so well covered that it makes no difference.


Roger D.

Child,Parent fractal in the Dow

Roger D.

Hank Wernicki

Roger, Fractal Analysis requires lines ( roughness ) and not bars or candles



Mamma: I am not very tech-oriented. I looked at the site and tried to open the messages. I could, only by clicking one after another.. thought not very efficient... sign up? didn't see any signpost asking for sign up!


tradin 4 fun

Anyone ever study Ermanometry?

Looks like it could be a major key in solving elliott patterns. Here is one of the ebooks that goes over the basics.

Precise Stock Market Projections using Basic Geometry

Roger D.


Thanks for that technical point, maybe it's not a fractal,but it could certainly be a harmonic pattern(crab). Looks to perfect to me to dismiss.

Roger D.


From what i understand Bill Erman died awhile back and didnt finish the ermanometry book.

There are still some articles on the website


I've enjoyed reading your blog nearly every day, "Yelnick". Will miss you.

Thanks for all you contributed.


JimS, thanks! Have you checked out the Skip Danger forum?


yelnick, sorry that i did not follow up on your blog, but are you shutting this blog down? are you not gonna do stock market and economic analysis anymore?

i saw the other site you posted but i could not find your stock market contribution there.



Sean, yes, moving on to venture capital issues. The SF area is in a new tech boom and opportunity beckons. Bullpen will be about the new boom, not stock issues. 


My last yelnick post, I guess. To Joe - from last topic - Joe, also look at this: Start now with March and look at a 4-month cycle of lows that goes back to at least March, 2007. In doing so, keep in mind that the end of a little sideways triangle like in Nov. 2009 counts as a cycle low, and also there will be a time or two that are "duds" - just keep counting through. This cycle appears very good and seems to have bottomed yet again this month and is consistent with the 7-month pattern of turns I mentioned.

It's been fun yelnick. A WAY, WAY above average blog. Thank you. I will miss your succinct analysis. And, by the way, I eventually saw the light with the Let's Make a Deal 3-door "puzzle" too.

Trading 4 fun

Do have a documented record of actual

trades on your site ? I. E. Proof ?

86 % for the first quarter here



"A WAY, WAY above average blog...."

It certainly was that. Thanks upstart.

You will probably be proven right Yelnik - didn't hold at 1275 but it really doesn't matter. This market has at least one more leg to it. I was wrong - did not really double top either.

I will so sincerely miss all the opinions and calculations of everyone on this blog. And the truly decent people I will miss reading.

And I ask you one last time to reconsider leaving it open Yelnik. Let Momma or whoever moderate - just leave it open - so that we might comapre notes, commiserate - just outright bitch with each other. Strange people look at waves - and so few places to share thoughts. We are the strange people.



God bless Yel...wish you success, more importantly, happiness, assuming such a thing exists


Prechter and Neely CRUSHED again by the Big Bad Bull Market!
SPX above 1330 today.

Glen Neely = WINNING

Neely's best market is Gold. Neely's subscribers just made $1400 per contract shorting Gold.

Gold is currently trading in a very profitable Diametric....




Guess this business model blew up a long time ago...
Or did it happen just recently when Elliott Wave International pulled the plug on Ad revenue?


Tesla test:


The Skip Danger Forum vs Yelnick is like the tesla 'crash' test...

Mamma, it's not it, hope you can find a better chat plaza.



What happened with the double dip countdown ? Makes me laugh so much !

Wave Rust

with all your pontification about how great you are, etc. etc. why would anybody with any sense, say this when there is a nuclear meltdown in progress?

"Monday, if the SPY does not slip on the Open, a nice rally
Posted by: Hank Wernicki | Sunday, March 13, 2011 at 12:24 PM

85% correct is okay. but your 15% wrong can blowup your 85% scalp accuracy.

shadows of doubt about your service from that comment.

just saying ,,,, since you felt it necessary to comment on the post by someone who just mentioned erman's site and link.
If a person has been trading for more than 3 or 4 years, they would know about Erman and that he died with an unfinished book on his work.

BTW, scalping fractals is so wrong, imho, with this market trending and in 3-5 day swings interrupted by 1-2 down days. 10 yimes the gain with 1 tenth the pain, and even less work.

wave rust

BTW, you have alot of typos on your website.


Mamma - your Skip Danger site is difficult to navigate and just has a different atmosphere, that's not conducive to the kind of quick perusing and commenting that us regulars have become used to here. Why not open a TypePad account? Or if Yelnick is keeping this site open for travel and other areas, and if there's no additional cost, why not allow guest commentators or just post a new topic link every couple of weeks?

This site has the feel of a small group. It's always interesting to read the financial news and then check what people we've come to know here have to say. (And, even the GLN comments give me a laugh -- lots of characters here).


I have to agree, rc. The reason it is difficult is, a. Old School, and b. you can't expand a thread to see who commented to whom. It is not linear in progression and by topic, as it appears to me. The user interface is out of date for what we interweb users have become used to. That said, Mama presents a great deal of interesting stuff! And has been generous with his time. And, yes, rc, that's exactly my experience. Cruise around and then come here, just like the bar in Cheers, and with a cast of characters!


Mamma Skip, you should start a TYPEPAD Blog!

Much easier to use.


With typepad you can make some cash too.

According to sitefile (dot) org this yelnick site was generating $16 per day in ad revenue, thats not bad!


Mamma - lilimarlene, Gene and I all agree you should start a typepad blog. Seriously, it's unfair to push it on you, but it would be great. You do have interesting comments to make -- they can be short if it's too much effort... the main thing is to keep a gathering place. And, as Gene wrote, that sort of revenue would easily pay for the site.

If not Mamma, might anyone else pick up on this? [I work full time and am stretched already... but I'd definitely be a regular.]

Mamma Boom Boom

lilimarlene said:
"you can't expand a thread to see who commented to whom. It is not linear in progression and by topic, as it appears to me."

I replied to her in private:
"But just the opposite is true. All comments are in progression, down and right. It's really much better than the typepad thing. It's impossible not to know who commented to whom. It even states it in the heading. With typepad you really don't know who the comments are intended to. Sometimes you can't even guess."

I realize folks resist change. And I appreciate your feedback. But the money is spent, now, I'm locked in.

I've used that type of forum for about 15 years. I first started posting on a Russian Ewave site. It's very easy to follow once you learn it.

But, it's not a Cheer's type site. It's intended to be more like National Geographic. Meat and potatoes.

Give it a chance, guys.


At some point you have to get off the pot. What has Hochberg's wave analysis on the markets given us from a predictive standpoint since we put in the big lows a few years back? To me the answer is nothing. He has done a great job of mapping out where the markets have been and nothing more. We have been hearing about a quick decline in gold to $680 for over 2 years now. And the guy has the balls to still talk about gold like he thinks his analysis of it has value.

And Dent is warming up his crash horse again. What he is not talking about is the accuracy of his last crash warning. The market had its best fall since 1937.

EW is reir view mirror analysis. Prechter and Dent provide some good broad macro analysis (what I use them for). For market timing, they are like a pair of stopped clocks.

I think it is a wrap.


I don't know why but this one just cracks me up everytime.


Thanks Virgil:

Haven't seen that since it was on the big screen. A fitting end to my EW sub.

sidebar: Hoffman was flunking out in university and was talked in to taking Acting 101 for easy credits. 10 minutes in to the first class he knew what he was going to do for the rest of his life.

A different kind of magic,

Judge Roy Bean

So Hock, you throwing in the towel eh?

Judge Roy Bean


"EW is reir view mirror analysis. Prechter and Dent provide some good broad macro analysis (what I use them for). For market timing, they are like a pair of stopped clocks. I think it is a wrap." - Hock

Wow, it sure did take you an awful long time to figure this out about Prechter, eh? Guess you weren't around after the '87 Crash, or during the infamous "Lost Decade" of Robert Precther from 1993-2003. But I guess that is what you GET when you follow a newsletter writer who has ZERO "skin" in the game.

Nice job Hock!

Dont get Prechterized

A guy named Jimmy Hurst said he could predict the market swings with 90% accuracy here is an article that touches on the basics

Ken W.

What was everyones favorite Yelnick moments? Post answers below.

Mine were \\ Wolf Wolf \\ Son of Wolf Wolf \\ Return of the Planet of Wolf Wolf etc.

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