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Thursday, March 10, 2011


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Yelnick, thanks. Is was great reading your blog.
The Euro topped this week with an expanding ending diagonal. The Aussie dollar (possibly) with a converging ending diagonal. Looks like your leaving just as things get interesting.

Wave Rust

Amazing and tragedy in Japan.

Tsunami live.

I'm numbed by the sight.

Tsunami to hit Hawaii soon and California by 9am

Careful Duncan.

Wave Rust

ominous signs!  OMINOUS!!! scary

get off the computer and get inland, laddie!

a tsunami's a comin and it will wipe out california!


maybe not

and maybe no crash either



maybe not

So we'll see you at the shore then, bro?


Virgil, check out these amazing pictures of the Tsunami.


C=A targets 1282.50 SPX
Carl Futia is the MAN!


Awful. The computer model of the wave heights:

FLR up 3.5% and AKS 6% - leading the charge up on positive hopes for rebuilding profits. Imagine the benefits to the global recovery from the aftershocks? We should have tsunamis more often.


I been to Sendai many seafood, oyster and cow tongue. Also, the famous scenic Matsujima (Pine Island). About 2.5 hours north of Tokyo by bullet train.

I have yet to hear from my Japanese associates.


lamest "tsunami" ever

can we all just go back to chicken littling about the stock market and economy?



What's lame are people like you discounting a most unfortunate force of nature that has taken several hundred lives.
You are an idiot.

what ever happened to P3?

I think Hochberg has been putting out those "special STU's" for the last 200 s&p points telling us the sky is falling. why anyone would think he is going to be right this time is beyond me.

EWI Blows

That moron Daneric has been thinking that Hochberg would be right for the last 2 years.
It's a good thing that Daneric doesn't leave his day job and try and trade for a living.
Epic fail.

what ever happened to P3?

Daneric isn't getting rich charging people to peddle the religion of P3. Hochberg and crew make a good living promising the doomsday scenario and despite being so terribly wrong just continue to charge and peddle. In my book, it is shameful what EWI does. It is sad that people still look to them for guidance given how wrong they have been even more so than just from 1000-1345. They missed it in the 90's too but I'm sure they make a good living scaring the hell out of people.

Wave Rust


Fukushima Power Plant #1 has no cooling water ,,,, may be melting down.

It's 150 miles north of Tokyo.

Sunday's open could get ugly.

Edwin, hope your colleagues are OK.

Wave Rust


Wave rust,

How many miles away from the power plant should people be evacuated in order to be safe from radiation? Any idea?



They've already evacuated people 12 miles away from the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant.
It won't melt-down. The potential for that has already come and passed.

The explosion earlier that destroyed the exterior walls of the building where the reactor was, was caused by vented hydrogen interacting with oxygen from outside the reactor. The hydrogen was formed when the superheated fuel rods came in contact with water being poured over it to prevent a meltdown.

Wave Rust


ask that to the people more than 100 miles or even 1,000 miles away from Chernobyl, 25 years later.

Safe? from what?

wave rust


BBC reporting being stopped 60 km away. Seawater & boric acid cooling described by experts as last ditch & drastic. No one knows what's going on inside so it's premature to say we're out of the woods

Hank Wernicki






Stratfor reports that Japan nuclear regulatory agency confirms explosion was caused by reactor meltdown


Fox reported earlier 110km radius travel barrier. Keeps getting bigger


Hank, never read Elliott's works but I don't believe they had indicators back then. According to MACD & RSI were developed in the 70s. Can't find any others before then.


More people have died from bee stings this week than from this supposedly big tsunami.

Wake me up when that dangling chunk of the Canaries plops into the ocean.

We've got seven billion people on this little round petri dish. And they're all thinking, caring people looking for food, shelter, warmth, love and respect. And there is NO F-ING ROOM! Folks, it's called "tragedy of the commons." Everyone wants to fck without condoms and make copies of themselves and spread the gospel of mormon or hasidism or islam or whatever... But we're all going to get hit with the radiation and plagues and violence when it's finally time for the population to crash.

Wave Rust


300 million americans will fit in the state of Texas.

yep we must be running out of room.

only 49 more states to fill up.

stupid elitist leftist population-control idiots have risen again like in the 50's and then the 60's and then 70's then the 80's ,,,, these are the same zombies that preached the "scare the hell out of them, to control the dumbass 'joe 6 packers' people" and then got lucky with Oblahblah's election.

then they tried climate scare, global warming BS ,,, and all the weather did was expose those lies too.

ugh, try to hook up with kindred spirits, somebody like George Soros ,,, you guys would get along well. he used to work for the original exterminator, Hitler.

wave rust



Read your bio. Serious Hp there in spades. I kind of suspected it by the way you write. Thanks again, it has been terrific!

Tony Caldero figures the low for the spx will be 1222. In hindsight, he has been pretty good with his calls over the last year or so.

Am well into Probable Outcomes by Easterling. Interesting thesis regarding secular market cycles. Might just keep a good chunk of the powder dry for a few more years.


Glenn Loser Neely


Jajajaja how much money did you lost following the neowave garbage or Prechter ?
Your blog has been very bad for more than 2 years. It is good to know that your are finally closing. You are a CLEAR sign of.a top. I guess we will see you back when the things start to crash again. The market is like a drug for you, and you are an addict trying to quit. ...... Ja ja ja....I will see you soon ... The drug... I mean the market will be here always....

Glenn Loser Neely

Mamma Boom Boom

Glenn Loser Neely

Bull pen capital.... That is a real garbage,,, ,,,,!,,,, are you planing an IPO? So I can short the stock?????? Ja ja ja... GLN

Kobe Fan

Wave rust I ain't a lefty I just know that cramming people into Texas will make things even shittier. I like space and clean air and there are too many gdamn people.

Hank Wernicki

Monday, if the SPY does not slip on the Open, a nice rally




"More people have died from bee stings this week than from this supposedly big tsunami." - ugh

10,000 people have died.
You Sir, are a fucking low-life scumbag.

I'm glad this blog is closing down... it won't give low-life scumbags a place to spew their ignorant trash anymore, let alone keep touting the "Gloom & Doom" garbage that comes from newsletter writers like Prechter and Neely that have never traded a share of stock in their life!

Kobe Fan

Tsunami shmunami.

This was a low level fart compared to indonesia. And I think the bees stat is real. My bro in law died from stings.

Whoever said scumbag should look at himself before casting stones.

Prechter rocks. He will rise again, like jc


For what its worth
mr elliott was looking for a high in the year 2012
prechter does mention this in one of his books yet
he discounted it . i wrote him about this back in 2007
this year has many interesting cycles to look at
and to many to write about . i posted them in my timing model
which ill admit leaves things abit mixed in the short term
its in the weekly update section


Joe, Bob's new 7.25 year cycle actually points to early 2012 as the high before the bottom in 2016

Hank Wernicki

Martin Armstrong has been raleased from Jail

Wave Rust


Finally, I find something to agree with Mr. Prechter ,,,,

February 2012 high at SPX 1515 (minimum with no extension) for Intermediate (1), Primary 3, Cycle III, SC (III) ...

yep ,,,, the legendary 3 of 3 of 3 of 3 is just a few years ahead ,,,, but the 1 of 3 of 3 is doing just fine (even though 1's are very frikkin ugly and shifty, just so they can belie the reality, while beguiling all skeptics).

It's magic.

Ya gotta believe ,,,, especially in the beauty of the human spirit to plow through any and all adversity, including wars, famine, 'flations' of all sorts, horrible Presidents, bad science ,,,, and even the last 25 years of bad music, too.

Ya gotta love it.

wave rust

Mamma Boom Boom

Been a long time since I've seen this much accumulated weakness.


Hank you have spouted some cr*p over the years,
you have given us prediction after prediction which went wrong.

Finally you tell us something which is the truth. Thank you!

Wave Rust

armstrong got out of prison a week or so ago ,,, last month i think

the markets are strongest when they look weak.
they are weakest when they look the strongest.

wave rust

Mamma Boom Boom

wave, ..there is truth in that. But the timing can kill ya.


"My bro in law died from stings." - Kobe Fan

Your bro in law is a LOSER.
Just like you.

Wave Rust



buy opportunity coming.


The futes are saying something has happened.

Anyone hear anything? He/She??



First thought was Japan. Let's hope they can contain it. I'm sure one of the plant design guidelines was not "assume the country moves 8 inches".

The best outcomes from here will still be very tragic for Japan I'm afraid. Governments should not be allowed to run high levels of debt.

The yen is fucked.

Wave Rust

4th explosion at fukushima plant

released of radioactive steam at various times, has now been measured at 23 times "safe for humans"

radioactivity being measured and 'seen' in Tokyo

tokyo closes down 11%; arbitrage collars in place by the exchange.

other than that, things really suck.

i'm sure there's a "things suck" fractal, right Hank?!?

Wednesday, the NIKK closed above 10,300
Today it closed at 8,600

wave rust

Wave Rust


maybe on Wednesday???

or, it just gets worse.

if Wed. or thursday any radiation begins to find its way to this continent or maybe Hawaii ,,,, well, it'll be a whole new market.

old adage- "buy when there's blood in the streets " does not apply to stock markets ,,,, it applies sometimes to real estate.

opening calls for European opening is down 2-3%

wave rust

C wave has exceeded 1.618 of A
so I guess C dudnt equal A anymore !!

Wave Rust

The way I see it ,,,, FWIW

the Globex SPM11 may have put in a low just above real support at 1247. that's about the same for SPX

the positive side of this for Bulls is this drop into the slot gives a great argument for ALTERNATION :)

wave rust

Wave Rust

FWIW again

The bad for the bulls is obvious. from Feb 21 high, this correction is higher degree (probably minor), and is an A of some yet to be determined ABC.

If it is, then its going to take alot more time, like weeks.

It would mean to me, good trading weeks ,,,, but under ugly conditions.

wave rust

Wave Rust

my swing trade mechanix can easily get to SPX 1125 if 1227 does not hold.

in that case, a bounce should get back to 1330 from the 1220-30's before dragging down the markets again into June

thats my opinion, and I'm welded to it until anything changes in the slightest way. :))

be carefull out there.
back in a few weeks.

wave rust

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