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Tuesday, March 01, 2011


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Wave Rust

dont fade the fade of the fed on flation.

i prefer the in type versus the de type.

i dont want to play the de game ,,,, very nasty.

if the in game comes, so be it.

wave rust

btw, yel,,,, great title! :)


I subscribe to the guy from australia
that guy has called many big events before they have happend,
i.e. market crash, Economic collapse etc.

They have been accurate on alot of the world events
latetly, and i follow them closely.

They have a big launch for an ebook they are releasing

Looks VERY intresting. Their prelaunch page is over at :-

Mamma Boom Boom

-------QE INFINITY------

da bear

Is QE INFINITY already priced into the markets?
What about DEFAULT CITY?
FED GOV just wants to be the last one to default. That's what QE 4 EVER means.

da bear

da bear

The blogger at Subprime JD is calling for $100 silver.


That can't be a good omen for silver bugs...

da bear

Mamma Boom Boom

>That can't be a good omen for silver bugs...<

It's hard to find a bear in the metals.

Hank Wernicki

10 points today without TA



da bear


silver is up 4 times off the late 2008 low.
It's up 8 times or something like that in 10 years.
So, it can pull back.

I like EWI's view that silver is in a 'B' wave off the January 1980 high. If so, then silver will bottom when stocks and other assets will. That makes more sense.

I also think that gold is in a 'B' wave. Actually, an a-b-c upward correction. The rise from late 2008 in gold and silver is wave c. Depends on the scale, but five waves in on silver or close to it. Gold could go either way...

da bear

Mamma Boom Boom

da bear .... I think, eventually, both go much higher. But shorter term, it seems to me that strong forces are building to drive both down, and the dollar up.

da bear


state governors are about to go all "Chainsaw Al" on redundant employees and wasteful spending. This is deflationary.

da bear



in the interest of a balanced discussion, i'd like to alert everyone else here to what sort of newsletter Forecast for Tomorrow really is.

Firstly, the title is a misnomer, as there is no actual forecasting in it (or none that I could see anyway). It's just commentary and discussion on current events - I believe i've seen that sort of prose before - it's called a newspaper or the internet. The newsletter content is about as forward looking as last weeks news.

There's more than the occasional spelling error. You may want to proof read it before it goes out. I assume it's being written on a computer. I hear that they now come with a spell check function; you may want to take advantage of such an awesome feature. Also, try and use less colloquial language. We're not having an informal discussion amongst friends, so more formal language will make the newsletter seem more professional. And don't forget that spell check.

Subject headings within the newsletter say one thing but the ensuing commentary tends to drift off after that. A nice way of saying that it's superfluous language. Try cutting out a few paragraphs and it'll make the narrative a bit tighter, keeping the reader on track and stopping them from shoving a pencil up their nose for entertainment. Again, get someone to proof read the document.

On more than one occasion, the newlsetter has "promoted" the Law of Attraction.
Remember a few paragraphs ago I said there wasn't much "forecasting" being discussed, yeh, that's at least one of things I was alluding to. So we can all just "grow rich by thinking about it". So that's why I don't have 8 houses, 9 cars and a private jet - I just wasn't "wishing" for it hard enough. My mistake, i'll wish harder next time I walk past the exotic car dealership.
Don't get me wrong, I'm as happy go lucky as the next Charlie Sheen, but I think the newsletter misses the point of "forecasting" if it's taling about this, even if it is a side topic.

By now, you can kind of see that the newletter didn't thrill me. So I asked for my money back, a guarantee it offers if you're not satisified. Well that was 2 months ago and I still haven't heard back. I don't want to use the word liar but oops, the keyboard has already spelled it out for me.

Emma, I come to this blog because of the intelligent contributions from Yelnick and others. I've learned a lot by doing so, so don't come here and pimp the newsletter unless you're sure it can at least match that level of intelligence. If this is my experience, then you may find others also think the same. Just saying.

So there you have it, feel free to make up your own minds on the newlsetter, i've just shared my experience.

Good trading to all.



They seem to be good at selling themselves though, Fredo. SO many attempts to discount their stuff on so many redirects ....

I wanted to add - what a well written, articulate post you made.


Mamma Boom Boom

state governors are about to go all "Chainsaw Al" on redundant employees and wasteful spending. This is deflationary.
da bear<

That is exactly right. And it still won't be enough. Some will be looking for the bankruptcy version, when it becomes law.



sokat tanultam


dont fight the fed. untill you realise they can make mistakes as well.

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