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Wednesday, March 02, 2011


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Yelnick, I hear your message very loud and clear.

Please advise how a retail investor like me can participate and invest in this theme. Thanks a million.


I think the market is going to double top Yelnik - really close to 1343. The futures, Asia, should have sold off tonight - and they are holding - 10 year notes are holding.

Maybe week 3 of March - maybe in that time frame.

If it does double top, what a great sell. If it does not and continues south - well, that is possible too.


Great post Yelnik - a good read.


And these companies produce coupons and internet games. The world has gone mad!!!!!!!


Edwin, hard right now for retail to get in, since these companies are largely private. Maybe at some time we will fix out financial markets to enable small IPOs again, which would greatly increase the opportunities to get in early; but for now you have to wait for them to start going public at a much later stage and higher valuation.  Demand Media (DMD) is out; LinkedIn and Pandora should follow. Later this year I hope to see Skype, Groupon and Zynga get out. And then next year the biggee, Facebook. 


Joe, the pattern today looks like a classic sideways move. The STU sees it as ending as a triangle, which means we have been in a little wave 4. You can count a four-wave (so far) pattern off the recent lower top - the momentary spike to 1333. Implication is a rise at the open tomorrow and then a drop below 1300. 

Such a pattern would be consistent with the 1333 level being a wave 2 on the way down, or a wave B of a zigzag, with 1275-1280 in sight (if a zigzag) or all the way to 1225 (if an impulse down). 

After this wave down ends below 13000, we should expect another wave 2 bounce to set up a nested 1-2, a formation the STU loves to see. If it truly is a nested 1-2, this current wave down should break below 1294 and do so faster than the initial wave down off 1344, and the subsequent bounce back should be shorter and faster than the recent bounce from 1294 to 1333. 

Hence what to watch for is a sharper down & back. A slower move – more sideways – means something else is unfolding. If we bounce all the way back to your double top, the wave pattern would make this corrective move a flat, suggesting higher highs ahead, not a double top. 


MHD, Groupon produces much better leads and rings up more sales than other techniques – the places that put out those coupons are delighted. Zynga has captured the time & attention of a tremendous flock of bored & lonely housewives who used to watch afternoon soaps and now play games with their friends online – the housewives are delighted.  So are their friends. 

Who is to say whom is more mad? The Mad Men of Madison Avenue who peddle soap via TV, or the mad wives of Cityville who play with their friends? 

Mamma Boom Boom

Consumer spending 'Dead & Flat'--------

Unemployment 'Up'-----------------

----------Invest Accordingly------------


be careful


I don't think it is profitable to invest based on consumer spending or unemployment.

No correlations there.

Hank Wernicki

Is Neely Still Short ??


Hank, Neely's short call made money, and he raised the stop yesterday – we are still below his stop level. 

Mamma Boom Boom

>Hank, Neely's short call made money, and he raised the stop yesterday – we are still below his stop level.<

? ..... I think you mean: at one point it was in the money, but he has now raised his stop.

Best Method to Date?  Fade Prechter.

Hank, if you think Neely is short I shudder to think what you consider tall.

Has anyone here tried the fade Prechter method? Or the fade Neely method? I'm guessing no. You'd be sipping colads on your own tropical island instead of reading this.

Hank Wernicki

Thanks !

I really don't follow the gentleman

Just curious ...

Maama what about that gap you referred to over the weekend, still in play ?

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