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Thursday, February 02, 2012


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I used to be good at puzzles like this
What's the next number in this series:



Glad to see that you are posting again!

Energy issues not breaking out so the strength of stealth QE3 is a suspect. I am watching the King Dollar carefully which may likely signal the next big thing.


Global temperatures below zero line with La Nina kicking in


Virgil, the AGW argument is pretty much over; now the scary question is will the next solar cycle be at such a low level that the world gets really cold.  


the Warmers are totally missing the problem. Temps are rolling over, and it could cause far more damage than warming. The immediate threat with La Nina that we need to keep an eye out for is disease. 1918, 1957 & 58, and 2009 all saw cooling Pacific waters and major flu outbreaks. The theory is birds change their migratory patterns and carry and mix flu viruses in ways that could spread a pandemic. Doesn't mean it will happen, but conditions are certainly more favorable for it.

I don't have a bullish outlook because I believe the central banks shenanigans are yielding diminishing returns. However, if I have to look at it that way, I'm wondering if the whole mess since Jan 10 can be looked at as some kind of skewed B or X wave. I think this might be how Zoran may have seen it with all the overlap.

Interestingly, R N Elliott's grand supercycle count was due to end this year. He was expecting supercycle wave V to run 70 years from 1942 and roughly equal wave III give or take a couple years. Could be the call of the millennium if it happens.

Chartist Friend from Pittsburgh

When will Prechter fall on his sword and admit that we're in a new bull market?

Account Deleted

Hi Duncan- just emailed you about Second Market. Not sure if i have the right email id.

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Very interesting article. I like the fact that you put the graph to explain what you are saying, it makes even people like me, who doesn't know economics that well understand what your saying :)

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