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Saturday, March 17, 2012


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I know there has been a lot of concern about Jobs passing and what this means for the future. I have to admit I wasn't as impressed by him. He undoubtably influenced their culture. Can they still put out product without him? For your consideration:

I'm not an Apple fanboy nor am I optimistic about the overall markets prospects.
However, I love Apple's design philosophy

I have a feeling they will do just fine.


Doug Kass is not to be trusted. I do consider his bottom calls (occasionally), but not his top calls.


Clearly Apple is in a third wave.
The StochRSI gives decent signals when it crosses the midline. Its MA's give confirmation and a cross gives an early tipoff of a possible trend change.

Maybe it can turn on a dime from here. Maybe we get a black swan that changes the whole ballgame. I don't see it in this chart.
There just isn't anything there yet to justify calling a top.


Very timely article Duncan.. i was thinking of shorting AAPL this weekend.

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