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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


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Ashish Agarwal

Pumping money in an election year is what Jim Rogers said too in January. He also said you have election year in major european countries which further multiplies liquidity


1600 S&P with elevated unemployment and subpar GDP growth will be an amazing feat of market "management". Mauldin was saying over the weekend that there's now shortage of innovation. Economists call it the difference between the innovation of exploitation and exploration. The Pumping and TBTF bailouts favor the former over the latter.

Speaking of barrier triangles, I think our old friend San nailed AAPL today

michael eckert

Hey Yelnick, I have a chart you might like that explains some of what you are saying


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michael eckert
That chart did not showup very well so here is a link to that chart.


That is a possible resistance line albeit a flat this sort of formation normally does not create a corridor. 

High Frequency Trading

Since there is no such thing as a triple top or triple bottom (after 2 it becomes a range) Its almost better to stay out until the market breaks a new high. Last time this happened the dow got ahead of the S&P. I wait for a break in both before I'd go long.


I have the same long term count . It's been critisized for the 07-09 drop looking like a 5 wave impulsive wave down instead of a 3 wave corrective pattern needed for the expanding triangle . Any thoughts on the impulsiveness of that c wave?


Andrew, if the 2000-09 wave is a flat, the impulse C wave fits. That makes the current wave an X to be followed by smother corrective pattern.

If we are in a large triangle, the impulse down is either not an pulse or this is an A wave of a large zigzag down. That count is hard to square with the B wave retracement of more than 62%. Hence drop that. Perhaps the 2007-09 wave is a "3" not a "5". It sure looks impulsive. 

Hence I prefer the flat - X - ?? count. 


Y : Great to see your site back in action..

The 2007-09 could well be the non-impulsive A of flat C. The on-going B could give way for an impulsive or terminal C of C



Hugo: You make a good point. Let's wait and see if and when how wave 3 unfolds. We do know that minor wave 1 was pttery quick and decisive. And minor wave 3 should be faster and longer than wave 1. We will know in the next couple of weeks. Also, what we do know is that a breach of 1150 would change almost every elliotician count.


Dont waste your time on Elliott Wave - there are better systems out there like Livermores and Ganns

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