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Sunday, May 20, 2012


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I waited 4.5 hours to get filled on two "market" orders given the Nasdaq order messaging snafu in the first hour of trading. Finally got my prices 15 minutes after the market closed. In any event, it was nice to receive a price "adjustment" from my Broker on Monday, given that I was "frozen" out of selling half of my position on Friday's IPO because the Nasdaq order messaging "bug" had caused the cancellation of limit sell orders to remain "pending" for 90 minutes - - - preventing me from selling those shares out at the market.

It's too bad that this offering was priced "high" with a huge float, along with Nasdaq's incompetence.
It was one way to entice the RETAIL stock investor back into the market.
They've been gone since the Flash Crashin May of 2010.
This latest debacle won't be bringing them back
anytime soon, I'm afraid.

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