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Monday, November 12, 2012


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Dale D Dale

That websits is just one giant brochure that traps you in a labyrinth of slick sales gimmicks.

Once you get stuck in the website, there is no search feature (that I could find) to get you to where you want.

Club EWI is apparently gone, its now My EWI that just pushes free articles and hawks more newsletters.

Found the STU and FF but dont see a free copy of Theorist anywhere.


Should be free videos of the EWT

Tom Green

This is pretty big news - Wordpress is now accepting bitcoins...


is this the cycles and a/d line this is a wave 4 low here down 1249 to 1259 but you can trash bob I SAW i taekld to boys in ga today about you trashing try your own mistakes I FORCASTED IN JAN turns for feb mar 11 and may 11 as well as 6/11 to 6/18 the market is in its most bullish cycle and ewave pattern as of the close there has NEVER been a major top without 40 to 60 days min of non confirmation in the a/d line going back 120yr not to mention the bearish levels nov 2008 and mar 09

search engine submission

This is a really good site post, im delighted I came across it.

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