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Tuesday, November 06, 2012


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We need to tell Prechter to stop making anymore election predictions. Geez, the Hilary thing was bad enough.


Ha!  Hard to compete with Santa Claus, giving out the goodies. His P3 and the underlying economic implosion has not happened on Obama's watch, just Bush's. Maybe it will within the next four years. 


I returned to this site by chance and I am pleasantly surprised.


I'm almost certain the economic implosion will happen during Obama's next term. The market sunk big yesterday. Perhaps a bad omen.


There is no free week. At least not yet.


it is on but they are slowing releasing content  in a special event section

"Give me Liberty or give me Debt!" 
- the modern tea party slogan

Dale D Dale

Every time Prechter offers a Free Week the market rallies HUGE.

Now THATS a socionomic study you can profit from :-)



Seems to me that John Boehner is a frog on a hot plate.

Going over the fiscal cliff in January would really hurt the gop in the midterms. Good chance we see bridge to a longer term solution fairly quickly here.

If the gop could lose its lunatic fringe, it could form a government.

My guess is that we close higher this year. 8 to 10 percent from here. Just a peewee 3 this year and we have already had it.



Hi Yelnick looks like EWI's timing is per usual

I still like this chart:

and want to see the bottom trendline hit by Groundhog's Day (that is if we don't get the Prechter counter rally and hit Hock's target).



Great chart. Thanks for posting.

Still waiting for Sy Harding's macd signal to jump in for the favorable season ahead. It is really late this year, (usually have it by now) so it speaks to the uncertainty out there. If this keeps up through TG, I may start nibbling with or without Sy's signal.

I'm told there is no big boogy man out there and that the coast is clear to March or April as a minimum. With QE to infinity and a government hellbent on driving its citizenry into debt servitude (to a loud round of applause I might add), things are good enough for now. Earnings should be ok this Q but worth watching.

Have a great Thanksgiving,


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