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Monday, February 11, 2013


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Interesting. Also keeping my eye on Alf Field's gold count:

I'm bullish on gold long-term, but agnostic on intermediate-term action. We'll see who's right.


Gold is sitting just above a lot of support from last summer, and it looks like the decline from last fall is running out of steam.

There would have been different results if he came to my town, but gold just doesn't have much long term traction among the masses:


AAPL didn't close the gap and now looks to be in the 5th of 3 (or C) down (assuming the third wave began on Dec 3.

5 = 1 at 410 on Mar 1



Nice call on aapl. I think your 400 will get hit.

The STU is playing up the alt count on the DJIA, which I favor. Puts us in a minor 4 instead of Primary 3. I'm looking for 13,300 to 13,400.



Minor 4, eh? That does make some sense with wave 3 about 2/3 as long as wave 1, although it doesn't channel as well as the count that has us already topped. The Dow has seemed to be leading the way since last year.

Gold is coming down to the lower part of its range from the past year and a half. It's approaching the moment of truth time.


In two words it is the Fed and deficits. Take the free lunch while it lasts.

In Detroit, only 1 in 2 home owners bother to pay their property taxes. Nobody cares and it won't matter until it does.

I think Detriot will get most of my SS payments.

Very cool:


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