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Sunday, April 07, 2013


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Trader Tom

Neely is a rare genius. Over the last 20 years he has identified some major and valuable new wave discoveries.

This latest April call from Neely is looking like genius.


Bitcoin went vertical this weekend despite all the top pickers saying $140 was the top.

Bitcoin at $200!!!! WOW!


Bitcoin is now the Black Swan event of 2013.

No one has seen a Black Swan like bitcoin.


seems like we are in a new stage of the bull market peoples. Hold on to your hats and your testicles. haha. ->


Litecoin is up over 5000% over the past couple weeks


"seems like we are in a new stage if the bull market peoples"

Based on what observation?? Most of the sentiment measures I look align with stage 4 or 5 in my opinion.



These bit/lite coins may change the world for the better.


I don't think Denninger is correct.
BTC has a lot of support at 40 - 50.
It has so far done zigzag down and the second
zag appears to be five waves

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