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Monday, April 15, 2013


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So is the "Aftershock" of "Bubblequake" beginning? Wondering what you think of Wiedemer's dire predictions and his advice? Ha!! He suggested buying gold. Hmm

Patrick k.

Gartman has obviously lost his memory. This is nothing compared to Feb/March 1980. Silver was lock limit down for, sit down for this, 22 days in a row! Today's sell off is chump change compared to then.


Gold is a hedge against government perfidy, but a difficult one to play. You have to have physical possession for it to be useful in an Aftershock.


Bitcoin up over 100% in a few days back to $136 in a very resilient market.

I think in not to distant future people will paying with Bitcoin/Smartphone apps will seriously compete with VISA/Mastercard.

Prechter recently called bitcoins "brilliant".


Everyone should be kind to bitcoin, its a brilliant new P2P technology.


Bears missed the boat on Bitcoin.

Those chicken littles were saying the sky was falling for Bitcoin even when it was down at $5


Is Elliott Wave Theory High Priest Robert Prechter Certifiably Insane?

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